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I offer personal, tailored consultations in diplomatic protocol, etiquette, and professional image

I am also able to help you to prepare for events that involve presence of important and influential people and for which special preparation is needed.

Moreover, I can plan and organise such events for you as Event Manager, together with my qualified, reliable, and highly skilled business partners.

If you are a businessman or a businesswoman, a lawyer, a diplomat, or simply someone living and working in the international arena where knowledge of dos and don’ts of etiquette, cultivated attitude, good manners and diplomatic protocol is key to personal and company success, I am here to help you to achieve it.

“I believe that being a truly outstanding consultant requires two basic prerequisites: having a direct and long-term personal experience in my area of expertise, and a real interest in my client’s well-being. It also entails discretion, honesty, loyalty and trust that grow mutually between the consultant and the client. It is precisely this mutual interaction and relationship that makes this job so fascinating and motivating for me.”

My portfolio
  •       Personal consultations in etiquette and protocol based on client’s specific needs;
  •       Personal consultations for (aspiring) women in leadership positions;
  •       Personal consultations for spouses of men in leadership positions;
  •       Courses in diplomatic protocol and etiquette for your employees – for law firms, banking and financial institutions, international trade companies, airline companies, foreign relation departments in institutions of state and local administration;
  •       Consultations and advice during preparation stages of VIP events;
  •       Event management of VIP events for private and corporate clients (corporate events, charity galas, official dinners and lunches, official and private visits of VIPs, National days of Embassies, etc.).